How To Go Vegan The Right Way! Vegan Tips For Beginners

What I wish I knew before I went vegan! How to eat vegan and lose weight, the different types of vegan diets, and my favorite substitutes! Today I’m answering all of your most asked questions about going vegan and sharing my experiences along the way!

*PLEASE keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist nor do I claim to be! Everything I discuss is purely my personal experience and research. I am by no means telling you how to live your life, I am purely sharing my journey to help out those who have asked me to film this over the last 2 years! I understand this can be an overwhelming topic, but all I ask is you share your opinions respectfully and to not attack others in the comments! Feel free to message me privately on Instagram if you have further questions/concerns directed toward me 🙂
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Vegan Resources
▻Starch Solution➜
*HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking to go vegan the right way & get educated on your food’s impact on your health. Whether you want to go vegan, lose weight, or live a healthy life, pick this book up! It also has a bunch of great recipes for weight loss that are super satisfying and yummy!

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▻Forks Over Knives

▻Glass Walls by Paul McCartney➜

*While fictional, it puts the meat industry in perspective, as well as animal cruelty. Made me cry so hard!
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