Starting Children with Vegan

Most of the time when you hear of someone changing to a vegan diet you typically think of adults. Have you ever stopped to consider how many children change to vegan each year as well? Most people tend to easily forget about the children who make the transition and this is perfectly normal. The adults are typically who receive the most attention but there are some unique issues that kids tend to have which can be assisted. Getting your child to successfully convert to a vegan diet is possible, but with a few tips in hand, it will be much easier than you imagined.

The actual age of your child will have a huge impact on how simple the process is. Of course, if you are starting with a very young baby they are not going to know what they are missing. However, older children and even teenagers can be extremely stubborn and difficult to accepting change. This means you might need to attempt at bribery in order to have them look at vegan as a great opportunity. If your child has been raised accustomed to meat and other animal products for years it is best to start slowly omitting these foods from their normal diet. Making a sudden change that is drastic will almost always find kids rebelling and quite unhappy.

You should also take a few minutes to sit down with the children to explain what you are doing, plus how it can help the animals. This small amount of information is often all that is needed in order to really get the desired impact from many kids. For other children this could be a cause of disaster. Try to consider the exact personality of your child before taking this step to ensure that it will be a wise move for your situation.

Another key element is looking for ways to really involve your child. If you ask for their advice on picking out fruits and vegetables that they enjoy you will find that they are much more receptive to the change. However, if you instead are busy forcing them to accept the new diet you will again be met with large amounts of resistance and a lot of stress. Getting your child excited about the change is something that will really help to smooth the entire process.

You should also look for some specific chores that your child can do. From helping to select some meals for the menu to assisting you with shopping to even doing research for new recipes. If your child feels as if they are involved and have a specific say in the meals that are prepared they are more likely to be open minded to the new foods that you want them to try. Simply putting dishes on the table that your child has never seen before is not likely to get a great response after a while.

It is also important to remember to go slow. Not all children handle change very well. If your child is like this you should certainly expect to go very slow. Taking the time to move at your child’s comfort will help to ensure that you avoid as much additional stress as possible during the complicated transition period. Proving to your child that you understand how they feel will help you to significantly improve your overall household experience as well.

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